Does Good and Evil (Good and Bad) require there to be a God?

Is there such a thing as Good and Bad, or Good and Evil or are we “all just dancing to our DNA”?

You may have people say to you that there is no such thing as good and evil. They will probably argue that there can be no objective statement of these things – in effect it is just a value judgement and “my opinion is just as valid as yours”.

Alternatively, they may argue that there is “Good and Bad” but this is simply something that is inherent in all of us and does not come from a divine creator.

How do We Answer?

First, when we say that there is evil (or “bad”), we also assume that there is good. This is inherent otherwise saying there is evil or bad has no meaning.

Second. When assume there is Good and Evil (“Good and Bad”), we assume that there is a moral law. This is needed in order to differentiate between Good and Evil – if there was not then how could we discern one from the other?

Third. If there is evil then there must be a moral law giver, because the question of evil is always raised about a person or by a person. The question itself assumes that there is intrinsic worth or value to a person. (If there was no “value” then Good and Bad have no meaning – I cannot be bad or evil towards a rock as it has not intrinsic worth as a being). In the non-theist paradigm (including the natural and atheist paradigms), there is no value to a person as we are simply the accidents of chemical reactions and random mutations.

In addition…

Fourth. If there is a moral law, then there must be a moral law giver. Otherwise, how can there be a moral law? Morality has no value if there is nothing transcendent over morality that gives it value. (What I consider to be Good, you may consider to be Bad… Hence, there must be a transcendent moral law giver.)

In Closing

When we ask about suffering, or “harm” coming to a person, we imply it is a bad thing. In turn, we assume that there is a God, and a set of moral laws given to us from that God.

Therefore, when a non believer in God asks the question, they have assumed there is a God—and from this point we can look at why God allows Good and Bad.